005; Video; Backdated to May 05, 2011

[The video shows the pond outside Sprout Tower, with a new addition: a young Lapras, swimming around curiously and making playful whining noises. From behind the camera, Claire laughs and waves, and the Lapras comes up to the edge of the water to be petted.]

It was really something, seeing a Pokemon this size hatch from a little egg. Is that a common occurrence? [Being a physicist, she knows there HAD to be shenanigans involved; something that large simply doesn't fit inside something that small... but then, there's shenanigans involved all over this place.]

004; Video

[It's early morning on the first of January; Claire is standing outside the Violet Pokemon Center, bundled up, with a little cloud-like Pokemon snuggled in her arms, looking around curiously.]

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I'm feeling much better now, and my Christmas egg hatched!

[She nudges the Castform, and it lets out a sleepy "Caaast!"] The nurse at the center said she was a girl -- I can't tell myself, but she's very cute just the same. I'll have to come up with a name for her -- I don't suppose anyone has suggestions?

[She pulls the PokeGear closer to show Castform up close; but now the little one seems more interested in sleeping than looking at it.]

003; Video

[The gear turns on, covered in dust and other smears that dirty the lens. Claire looks down at it.]

Oh there you are, you silly little devil! I've been looking for you for ages!

I'm alright, I haven't disappeared or anything like that. I hope I haven't made anyone worry.

[ooc: My IC excuse for my sorry lack of activity. Claire lost her PokeGear within the depths of her backpack. I will try to step it up from now on!]

4th Wall 1


This is a stunning view, but really.... How do I get down from here?

[It seems Claire's found her way to a rooftop in Goldenrod. There doesn't seem to be a railing, roof access, or a fire escape within reach, but at least the roof is relatively flat.]

002; Video

[The camera shows a white glowing Pokemon at Claire's feet. It's glowing so brightly that it's actually washing out the screen a bit.]

Something's happening to Faraday! Is this normal? Is he sick? [She's not panicking, certainly, but she does sound distressed.]

[Claire kneels down to try and touch him, but before she can, the glow changes shape and fades, leaving a pink, partially bald, sheep Pokemon. It cries out.]


"Flaaffy"? What happened to "Mareep"?

[Claire digs in her bag. She's pretty sure she read something about Pokemon turning into different Pokemon, but it didn't say anything about glowing. The transmission ends as she flips through her handbook.]

001; audio

[When Claire speaks, she sounds... deeply upset and confused, but trying to stay calm.]

Ah, this is some kind of portable phone, isn't it? If there's anyone on the other end, I'd appreciate some information, if you don't mind. My name is Claire Folly; I'm afraid I don't remember how I came to be here at all. I'm supposed to be... [Dead.] ...somewhere else right now.

[She almost ends the recording, but adds, almost as an afterthought....] And this sheep -- is it meant to have a lightbulb on its tail?